e-Cert Online Certification Continues to Rise

March was an all time high for the number of Certificates of Origin processed on e-Cert.  Inspite of the unrest in the Middle East, UK exporters were clearly still able to achieve the traditional peak in export shipments sent out at the end of the financial year.

e-Cert has now become the accepted way to obtain Certificates of Origin saving both time and money for busy exporters.   Use of this online service, which is celebrating its 11th year in July, has grown rapidly in the past three years as the need to be more efficient and maybe to be greener too, has encouraged us all to use more online services and avoid the need to travel.

Chambers throughout the UK offer the e-Cert service and most are seeing a significant increase in the use of the service.   Use of the online system benefits both Chambers and exporters with the Chambers finding it much easier to deliver a first class service when the applications are received online and can be processed methodically.   And for those exporters who still need to come in to the Chamber, they can still apply for their certificates online, giving the Chamber chance to check everything is in order and print out the documents before you leave for the Chamber.  This again benefits both Chamber and export alike.

In March Northampton Chamber processed 80% of their certified documents online and as they were also number 4 on the list for the highest number of applications processed in the month, this sets a goal for others to aspire to.

e-Cert can be accessed at www.e-cert.org.uk or just ask your Chamber


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