Exporters try out e-Consign

Many exporters have take the oportunity to try out our new online pay-as-you-go export documentation system launched on 1st April.  e-Consign can be tried out FREE of CHARGE to see how well it works for you.  Only if you decided to publsih your documents will you need to pay.

e-Consign has been trialled for the past three months and is currently processing shipments for over 100 UK exporters providing them with a range of SITPRO/UN compliant documents, submitting data directly to e-Cert in order to obtain certified documents online, and providing their customers with access to view the status of their shipments and collect their own documents.  This is just the first step towards creating collaboration and visibility within the international supply chain for those organisation who do only a few export shipments each month and would otherwise find it difficult to beneift from online services without re-keying the data multiple times.

Anyone can try out e-Consign, simply register, setup an Account and start using.  If you like the way it works, you can purchase credits online to enable you to print useable export documents and start using other online services.

This first version of e-Consign contains the most commonly used export documents which, because they comply with UN/SITPRO standards are acceptable anywhere in the world, and includes a link to e-Cert to obtain certified documents.  During the next few months the range of documents and services you can use through e-Consign will grow to cover the more specialist documents and you will also be able to send data from e-Consign to more online services, such as NES Customs clearance.

e-Consign is i2i’s latest product designed for the 21st Century and incorporates the knowledge we have acquired from our 25 years providing integrated export documentation systems for UK exporters.


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