EMCS provides real benefits to UK exporters.

EMCS is the EU wide online system for managing excise goods and has been live in the UK since 1st January 2011.  So how are UK exporters coping with this new requirement?

The answer seems to be that after some initial teething problems, exporters and importers are coping very well and obtaining real benefits.  EMCS replaced the AAD paper document which was used when transporting excise goods under duty suspension, and which had to be signed on receipt of the goods and returned to the originator of the movement.  If the signed document was not received by the originator then potentially the goods could be considered to be in free circulation and duties would then be payable.

EMCS (Excise Movement Control System) is the electronic replacement which is in place in 27 EU member states and is designed to curb smuggling of tobacco and alchohol products and also includes energy products.  On exit from the UK an EMCS submission must have been made to CHIEF, which enables the journey of the goods to be monitored electronically.  The recipient of the goods must also “arrive” the goods electronically.  To use EMCS manufacturers, traders or shippers of excise goods must be registered with Customs, as a registered consignee or consignor, or as a tax warehouse or warehouse keeper and must also sign up to SEED.  SEED is the European register of operators which also registers their excise numbers, and each time an EMCS submission is made it checks against SEED to ensure the originator is registered.

Users of i2i’s EMCS Online have found that it is very easy to make a submission under EMCS and by using the templates provided, very little data re-keying is required.  For those exporters who have EMCS messaging integrated with their export documentaton system the process is even simpler, and the benefits of the service quickly become apparent.

The service is in fact much easier and faster than the paper based system, movements can be monitored in real time, goods move quicker and more securely and because there is no waiting for paper documents to be returned, release from the guarantee can obtained much quicker.

EMCS really is a great example of an end to end process which benefits everyone involved in the process and provides visibility throughout the movement of the goods.

You can find out more about our EMCS Online service at www.4xporters.com


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