e-Cert is now e-z Cert

e-z Cert

Our re-branding of e-Cert in July made the service part of our e-z branded products and services which we are developing to make it really simple for exporters to manage their export documents.

e-z Cert has been used by UK exporters since 2000 and now processes over 40% of the Certificates of Origins certified in the UK.  Every Chamber of Commerce who is authorised to certify certificates offers the e-z Cert service, and many of them are offering workshops to help you ensure that the documents are completed correctly and meet current regulations.   The regulation of these documents and the certifying Chambers is managed by the British Chambers of Commerce, which is why e-z Cert has been developed in partnership with BCC to ensure you get it right first time.

The Certificate of Origin is regulated by the EU and must be produced on special pre-printed stationery before it can be certified.  It would be great if the document could be done on plain paper but that is a decision for Brussels in the future.  In the meantime e-z Cert makes it really easy for you to apply to your Chamber for a certified document and have it approved online.   You can then print the data, signatures and stamps onto the pre-printed stationery and have a document ready to go in minutes.

To find out more about e-z Cert contact your local chamber of commerce or simply go to www.e-zcert.com


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