Produce export documents for £1 each with e-z Consign

e-z consign

Our online pay-as-you-go export documentation service was launched in April and is already processing hundreds of export documents each month.

We have noticed that many of you only want to produce a couple of export documents, maybe an Export Invoice and an Export Packing list, so we have made it even cheaper for you to produce these using e-z Consign.  You can now pay per document with a maximum charge per shipment for those of you who do want to do a high number of documents in each shipment.

If you are already using e-z Consign you will know that you can register as a user, create an e-z Consign Account and start producing documents for your export shipments.    What you many not know is that you can also share this e-z Consign Account with other members of your shipping team.  So if you are on holiday someone else can go online and complete a shipment or simply print documents.  Or of course, you can leave the beach and go to an internet cafe and do it yourself because you can access your Account from any computer connected to the internet!

To make it even easier, you can give your customers “view only” access to their shipments enabling them to print their own documents.    They will only be able to see these when you are happy with them and have “published” them.

How you use your e-z Consign account is down to you!  Check it out at


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