EMCS – are you ready for the changes in 2012?

With effect from 1st January 2012, new functionality, known as FS2 is being added to EMCS and traders needing to use this functionality will not be able to do this on the Government Gateway.   The HMRC recommendation is to find a third party provider who can give traders this functionality.

It is almost a year since UK traders moving excise goods within the EU, including the UK, have been required to complete submissions online using the EMCS (Excise Management Control System) in order to move their goods in duty suspension.   Making these submissions through the Government Gateway seemed to be the easiest way to get going with this new service but now many organisations are finding this to be time consuming with data being re-keyed each time.  Additionally HMRC have now decided that the new functionality being implemented in January 2012 will not be added to the Government Gateway service.

New Message IE825
So what is the new functionality?   From 1 January 2012 EMCS users will be able to send and receive new messages for ‘alert’ and ‘rejection’ of movements, and traders moving energy products will be able to split a movement.   Using the new message, the IE825 Submitted Draft of Splitting Operation,  consignors will be able to split consignments of energy products intended for different destinations into two or more parts.

Time to Move to More Automated Submissions?
There are a number of reasons why this may be the time to look at automating your EMCS submissions.
1.   If you are making  more than one or two submission per month you will be doing a lot of data re-keying.   An automated system will enable you to save each submission providing immediate time benefits because these can be copied and edited for each new shipment if necessary.  Additionally, when the return messages are received from HMRC you will be able to manage these and print the e-AD documents when required.
2.  Further automation can be achieved by uploading data from your business system into the automated system virtually eliminating data keying.  Organisations who operate a 24 / 7 / 365 operation  find this functionality essential since out of normal office hours it is usually the weighbridge staff who need to make the final submission to Customs.  Having most of the data automatically produced by the business system eliminates the need for them to key anything other than the final weights.
3.  The new IE825 message will only be available through a third party system.

If EMCS is taking up too much of your time, go to the 4Xporters web site and find out how we can automate your EMCS.  Altrnatively give us a call and talk through your EMCS requirement on 01749 340 214.


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