DGNs dont have to be produced on Pre-printed Stationery

It is a mandatory requirement that, when you transport dangerous goods, your consignment must be accompanied by a document which declares what the dangers of the goods are.    The Dangerous Goods Note (DGN) is the internationally accepted document used to comply with this regulation but, it is not mandatory that this is done on pre-printed forms, or that the form must be red!    A DGN can be created free of charge online or can be created as part of a set of export documents using online export documentation tools.

International regulations apply to the packing and movement of goods classified as potentially dangerous, and UN Model Regulations harmonise the rules into a classification system in which each dangerous substance or article is assigned to a class which defines the type of danger that substance presents.  There is a further classification to identify the packing group according to the level of danger.  These two classifications dictate how you must package, label and carry dangerous goods and the suitability of the packaging materials and the marks and label they must bear.

The Dangerous Goods Note is a transport document used for all forms of transport except air freight, when the IATA Dangerous Goods Declaration is normally used.   These documents travel with your goods, and ensure that all the classifications and information which may be required during the transport of your goods, is available at all times.  Also, because these documents are recognised and understood by all receiving authorities, you can be sure that, properly completed, they will provide the clear and precise details on how your goods should be handled, which will help to avoid any delay, as well as ensuring you have complied with international regulations.

The 4-EXIM FREE Dangerous Goods Note option allows you to complete the data online and to print either a DGN or IATA Declaration, in the recognised international format.  You can chose whether you prefer to use pre-printed stationery or to print data and form onto plain paper.   If you are a regular producer of DGNs and want a faster way to produce these documents, and maybe need to produce other export documents as well, then you could look at e-z Consign or GTA Online also on the 4-EXIM web site, enabling you to key the data once and use it for a range of documents and services.


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