e-z Export Services Save you Time and Money

It is not unusual for exporters to be paying in excess of £100 to obtain a certified Certificate of Origin.   Sometimes those same exporters are paying a third party to do their NES submission and maybe paying £30 for this.   Export documents can be done using word templates, but how much time does it take and do you send them by post or courier to their destination?  These are just a few examples of how the cost of exporting can rapidly build up before you even move the goods from your premises, leaving you with reduced margins and questioning whether it is worth it.

Well it is worth it and it is also worth building up some basic knowledge about how to ship your products and services to your export markets.   This may sound daunting, and sometimes it does just seem easier to get someone else to do it for you, but as your exports grow so do your costs and managing your shipments yourself becomes a more attractive proposition.

Managing your export shipments online is a great way to build up the knowledge about shipping your goods, and because it is online you can share and collaborate with others, such as your colleagues who may need to finish an export despatch while you are unexpectedly off work, or customers who need documents when your offices are closed.    New employees who need to learn how export administration works for your business can have access to the knowledge and experience you have accumulated in your online platform, and of course you can access this from any location.    If you do letters of credit, then the flexibility to change document names or address etc for just one shipment, is really important.  Combine this flexibility with a system which can save data for re-use to save time with your next shipment, and the benefits really start to show.

So is this possible if you are only doing occasional exports or is this just for the big boys who do lots of shipments each month?

Our e-z products are designed to make it easy for all exporters to benefit from automated export administration regardless of size.  e-z Cert has been a great example of this, the system guides you to help you get the regulations right, new staff rapidly learn how to complete the documents by having access to previous applications, and you can get your certified documents without moving from your desk.

e-z Cert’s sister service is e-z Consign, which extends this concept to enable you to create all your export documents.  A typical e-z Consign user may only ship a few export orders a month, but you can create a set of export documents very quickly and print them onto plain paper or email them to a third party, and you can send data to e-z Cert to apply for a certified Certificate of Origin.    Sharing information is easy, so when your export sales person is travelling around the world getting more export orders, they can just login to your e-z Consign account from anywhere in the world, check the status of previous shipments, or obtain documents.  No more waiting until the office is open, no more expensive phone calls, just go online and share.

To discover how e-z Consign can work for you, just go to our 4-Exim web site  where you can try creating documents, and if you want to use them to ship your goods, then the pay-as-you-go option enables you to get going straight away, simply buy your credits and start shipping.    If you want a bit of help to get going, then call us on 01749 340216 and request our free of charge online introductory session.


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