What is ACORN for Exporters?

There is a lot of information online about how to export and import, but how do you find what you need?  Imagine if the right information was in one place, imagine that people who can give the advice and support you need are also there, and imagine there was a toolkit on the site which enabled you to manage your shipment, doing the right documents, obtaining Certificates of Origin, getting your goods through Customs, and ensuring you get paid.    That is ACORN!

Acorn Interactive deals with the real world issues which you as an exporter have to deal with, whether you are completely new to export, are moving into new markets and need some guidance, or maybe you just want your export management to be more efficient. Acorn is interactive because you can work in Acorn, find the services you need, send data to other online services, share information with others, and get support whenever you need it.

At the heart of Acorn is e-z Consign the online export document service which helps exporters manage their export documents and share information online.   The knowledge and assistance is provided by Business West (Bristol Chamber of Commerce) who’s successful Letter of Credit service is used by exporters throughout the UK.  Business West also provide a helpline service which covers all aspects of international trade including contracts and intellectual property, transport and freight forwarding,  insurance and export documents, Customs and regulations.

Acorn partners, contactable from the site, have been specially selected for the specialist international trade services which they provide.  They range from local businesses to industry acknowledged experts, all of whom have chosen to work with Acorn to ensure it offers a “cradle to grave” international trade service.

All this is supported by Acorn Assist, which offers telephone advice and guidance to get you going, occasional support when you are short staffed, or a full management service for Letters of Credit and export documents if you need it.

So whether you just want to learn more about exporting, need to manage your export shipments more  efficiently, or want to talk to a real person who is an expert in international trade, Acorn can provide it all, and all in one place.


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