FREE Online DGN service just got better

You can now save the data when using our online DGN service reducing the amount of data keying needed to produce these documents.

Following requests from users of our FREE Online DGN we have extended this service to provide data saving options.  You can save data whilst preparing the documents and save completed documents to copy for next time.

You now have 2 ways to obtain your FREE DGNs.
No data saving  – continue to use the current FOC service
Data saving option – register to use e-z Consign where you can still create your DGN or IATA documents FREE of charge.

Regular users of e-z Consign will know that credits need to be purchased in order to publish documents without a watermark.  However the DGN and IATA documents can now be published without credits, so you get the benefits of e-z Consign data handling without the charges.

Registering is easy – go to 4-exim registration and complete the online form.
Once registered you simply:
Create a new shipment selecting DGN or IATA as the required documents
When you are happy with the data click “Publish” to remove the watermark
Your shipment will be saved and you can copy and edit it next time
Note:  If you select any other export document with your DGN you will need to purchase credits in order to publish the shipment. 


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