Easy EMCS Submissions with EMCS Online

Tired of entering all that EMCS data into the Government Gateway to manage your goods in duty suspension?   Maybe 2013 should be the year you find a better way, a time saving and cost effective way.

i2i’s EMCS Online manages all your EMCS submissions without all that data keying.   You have a range of options for using EMCS Online to meet you business needs such as:
1. Send a file of data from your business system and send directly to HMRC.
2. Prepare EMCS submissions in advance and complete last minute data before submitting to HMRC.
3.  Create templates for your submissions which can be copied and edited for re-use.

Whichever way you use EMCS Online, your data will be stored and merged with your shipment data for rapid, accurate submissions.    Stored date includes:

  • Information about regular customers
  • Carrier information
  • Product details
  • Package types
  • Transport details

Once the data is ready EMCS online manages your submission from start to finish. 

  • Submit Draft Movement – checks mandatory data, including pre-validating traders in SEED- a receipt number will be received from HMRC immediately
  • The List of all movements will show the status of each movement, such as whether or not it has been approved by HMRC.
  • If not accepted by HMRC, the system will manage the messages from HMRC and allow you to make corrections.  
  • When accepted an ARC number is generated and an eAD document can be printed to give to driver

Should the HMRC service be unavailable, then Customs will allow Fallback Procedures to apply.  Our EMCS system will:

  • Autopopulate the fallback forms
  • Notify HMRC by email
  • Create the Fallback Accompanying Document
  • Submit movements to HMRC when their service is back online
  • Use alerts to show which submission requires action

Full reporting process enabling data to be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for your management purposes.  So what could be easier than that?    Check our website to find out more about our EMCS Online service.


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