Using e-z Cert to Obtain Certified Documents

Traditionally Certificates of Origin have been created manually, delivered or posted to the chamber where they are stamped, and returned to the exporter ready to go with the goods.   But this is the 21st Century and we expect things to happen much faster, so this can all be managed online, errors can be corrected straight away, and perfect documents can be produced every time.

Working with your Chamber of Commerce
Working online does not mean that you lose that relationship with the Chamber which you have built up over the years.  All the elements of that relationship from renewing the Formal Undertaking to the special agreements and processes which you may have with the Chamber will operate as before, but now you can rapidly correct mistakes, ask advice on the right way to do the documents, and get your certified documents today!

How does the e-z Cert Online Service Work?
To apply for a certified Certificate of Origin, EUR1 or A.TR document online you must first have set up a relationship with your chosen Chamber of Commerce, with a current Formal Undertaking and examples of all approved signatures lodged with your Chamber. You can start this process and set up your e-z Cert Account on the e-z Cert website.
You can:
1. Create an application – either a new application, copy a previous one, or send data from another export system.
2. Submit your application to the chamber with supporting evidence attached – chose either:
* eXpress Service – same day service uses electronic stamps and signatures for you to print at your premises or
* Standard Service – returned to you by post or courier with “wet stamp” and manual signatures.
3. Your Chamber will review your application and either approve or reject.
4. You can correct and re-submit if necessary or print your approved certificate.

Complying with Regulations
Chambers of Commerce throughout the UK offer the e-z Cert service to manage online Certificates of Origin and The British Chambers of Commerce provides updates to changes in regulations.  This enables e-z Cert to help you to get the data right and so avoid rejections when your application is submitted to the Chamber.  In recent months there have been some changes to the guidelines for completing Certificate of Origin.  These are printed on the back of the pink copy, and include:

  • Electronic signatures are allowed if from an approved system
  • Handwritten forms are no longer acceptable
  • Only one box must be ticked on the reverse
  • A list of items is no longer referred to in the completion guidelines

Why use e-z Cert?
Working online not only helps you to quickly produce high quality documents, but it also means that your document can be validated on its journey if a difficulty arises.  Documents produced in e-z Cert can be validated online by an authority such as the British Chambers of Commerce should an overseas Customs authority question the validity of your document.

The UK has led the way in providing an online service for obtaining Certificates of Origin, since the British Chambers of Commerce launched the e-Cert service in the year 2000.   Chambers of Commerce throughout the UK offer the e-z Cert service and are trained by The British Chambers of Commerce to ensure these documents are completed correctly to global standards and are therefore accepted worldwide.

So a Certificate of Origin, EUR1 or A.TR document produced using e-z Cert will give you the comfort of knowing that the document will do its job.


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