Managing your Transport Documents Online

How you create accurate transport documents efficiently depends to some extent on how often you need to produce them, and whether you produce other export documents as well.

Two basic points to consider as a starting point are:
1.  To minimise errors you should never key the same data more than once for any export shipment.
2.  For efficiency you should distribute documents by email or send data directly to other systems.

Then consider these points:
1.  Who creates your export documents when you are away sick or on holiday, and how do they know what to do?
2.  Who else in your organisation keys your data into other computer systems or web sites?  Each time data is re-keyed there is potential for errors to be made.
3.  Do you pay third parties who re-key your data into Customs or other services online?

What should transport documents look like?
Using standard SITPRO aligned transport documents is not always mandatory but is often best practice when shipping your goods outside the EU as these globally accepted formats provide consistency and ensure you cover all the necessary information.  When completing your transport documents you should:

  • avoid completing them by hand because handwritten documents are often difficult to read and are more likely to contain errors
  • create a separate document for each shipment you despatch
  • if you need to use continuation sheets they should be numbered

What is an efficient way to manage Transport Documents?
A centralised system which manages your shipments, which can store knowledge about your customers and products, which can be accessed by any authorised member of staff, and which has the ability to distribute information by email or send data messages, sounds like it meets most of the requirements.    Add to that the ability to access this from any location, and working online (in the Cloud) starts to sound like a very efficient way to manage your export shipments.

If you use our online systems you do not need to install any software on your servers so no support or software updates required, and it also makes it very easy to share your data and documents with other systems and services.  Chose from:

  • e-z Consign – manual entry pay-you-go export documents online with data links to other services
  • GTA Online – integrated with your business system this subscription service has data links to e-z Cert and Customs services online for imports and exports

What if you don’t want to work Online?
Our GTA system can be installed on your own servers and operate on your corporate intranet which is ideal for large mulit-site organisations.

  • GTA Net – fully integrated with your business system and working practices, and will manage all your export documents and Customs services.

 Whichever way you want to produce your export documents and manage Customs messaging, we have a solution which can be configured to work with your business processes.


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