Using e-z Consign to create your Export Invoice

How can you produce a professional looking SITPRO aligned Export Invoice, with your company logo on it, email it to your carrier, apply for a Certificate of Origin online and enable your customer to collect all the export documents they need from you, when they need them?

If exporting is part of your business, then being in control of your export administration is a crucial part of ensuring your exporting activity is cost effective.   Ideally you need a centralised platform online, where you manage all your export administration in one place,  where you can view all your export shipments, past and present and easily see the status of each of your shipments to manage timescales.  A place from which you can create and distribute export documents and manage Customs clearance, and then you need to report on all this activity to give you management information.

If you ship say, over 30 export shipments per month, then GTA Net and GTA Online, can provide you with all this integrated with your business system.

But what if you only ship a few export shipments each month?  How can you still benefit from a centralised export administration system?

The answer is e-z Consign.   e-z Consign gives you that online platform designed specifically for small to medium volume exporters who do not need an integrated export system but who do want to operate more efficiently and be able to access online services.

Create an Export Shipment Online
Step 1.  You can try out e-z Consign, just register and set up your Company Account so that you have your own discrete working area for your company data.
Step 2.   (Optional) Upload a company logo and your authorised signatures to enable you to produce really professional documents with your branding.
Step 3.  Create a new shipment and decide what documents you need.  Since the Export Invoice contains most of the data for your shipment, this is a useful document to start with.   Without re-keying data, you can also add a range of other UN/SITPRO documents including:

  • Export Packing List
  • Advice of Shipment
  • Standard Shipping Note
  • Export Cargo Shipping Instructions
  • Bank Collection documents and Bills of Exchange
  • Consular invoices – Ghana and Nigeria
  • Airway Bill, House Bill of Lading, Bill of Lading Instructions

Now view a list of all your shipments and start using the other e-z Consign management tools which include:

  • Statuses – which shipments need your urgent attention today?
  • Letter of Credit management – which LC shipments are nearing the deadline for shipping or submitting documents?
  • Pre-define batches of documents  – set up a list of documents needed for each individual customer.
  • Manage currencies for the countries you ship to.
  • Create reports by date, destination etc – how much have we shipped this month, who to and to which countries?

To find out if e-z Consign is right for you, can you go online and try it out on the 4-EXIM web site, and if you like it simply buy some credits at the 4-EXIM shop to produce useable export documents.

Once you have created your data, then find out how e-z Consign can enable you to share that data with customers, forwarders, banks, and other parties who needs to know about your export shipment,  without you having to re-key any of the data.


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