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Creating your export documents is only part of the administration of your export shipment.  Once the data has been created, distributing and sharing information becomes the main administrative task.  Each document has a job to do, either before, during or after shipment of the goods and increasingly, documents are being replaced by mandatory online services, where the data must be submitted electronically to Customs and other service providers.

In addition to the usual commercial documents, export documents are used to provide carriers or freight forwarders with detailed information about your goods and the terms of delivery, some documents travel with the goods to ensure safe transit, others are sent to the bank to ensure payment, your customer will need documents to provide them with information to arrange import clearance, and other documents are required to ensure you comply with regulations.

Distribute and Share with e-z Consign

Holding your shipment data securely on line gives you flexibility to share that data in whatever way suits you.    For example:

  • Email documents from e-z Consign to your bank to ensure payment.
  • Send data to e-z Cert to apply for a Certificate of Origin, EUR1 or A.TR from your local Chamber of Commerce
  • Give customers permission to collect an Invoice, Advice of Shipment or other documents to apply for import clearance.
  • Allow your freight forwarder to collect the ECSI giving them all the information they need to organise your shipment.
  • Check what is on a shipment – need to know about a shipment when you are away on business, just access e-z Consign to collect the details you need using your tablet or smart phone.
  • Need help with your shipment?   Allow an “expert” to access your account to help you create the data you need.  The Acorn service offered by Chambers of Commerce in the South West and West Midlands, offers an assisted service using e-z Consign to help you with your exports.

Working online gives you the ability to do all this and more, and e-z Consign has been specially designed to enable you to re-use data keyed just once, to do all your export administration.    Our aim is to continually add more services and ensure that e-z Consign continues to meet current regulations and the needs of our customers.

In our latest release we have added some new documents.

  • Air Waybill
  • House Bill of Lading
  • Bill of Lading Instructions

By the autumn you will be able to make submissions to NES, the UK National Export System, which is mandatory for all goods shipped outside the EU.

Visit the 4-EXIM site and try out e-z Consign online


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