Certificates of Origin are More Secure

Certificates of Origin, EUR1 and A.TR certified documents are used by importers and they need to be able to trust these documents.   That’s why additional security in the form of QR codes is being added to these certified documents.

A small QR code printed on the document is all it takes to enable that document to be traced back to source to establish whether the document in the hands of the importer is the one which was certified by the issuing body.   This code can be scanned using any mobile phone with a bar code reader, or the bar code number can be typed into the Certificate Validation page in e-z Cert World, together with the certificate number, and you will be provided with sufficient information to establish whether or not this is a genuine document.

With effect from June 2013 Certificates of Origin produced on e-z Cert can have a QR code printed on them, and during a trial of this functionality with three UK Chambers of Commerce, a fraudulent document was exposed.  This functionality is now being switched on throughout the UK chamber network.

Internationally the importance of the Certificate of Origin has always been recognised, and in September 2012 the International Chambers of Commerce (ICC WCF) launched the Certificate of Origin Accreditation Chain, which aims to promote standards for the issuance of Certificates of Origin which can be adhered to on a global basis.  In this way the Certificate of Origin genuinely becomes a trade facilitation document which can be relied on anywhere in the world.

Since the launch of the C of O Accreditation Chain, countries such as France, Singapore, Slovakia, UAE, South Korea, Netherlands and Belgium have signed up to the scheme with China being the latest country to join.  The UK is also part of this initiative and standards used by issuing body Chambers of Commerce in the UK have long been held as an example for the rest of the world.  With the UK joining the scheme, each UK chamber is entitled to use the ICC accreditation stamp which you will start to see on your certified Certificates of Origin.

These two additional marks on your Certificate of Origin will enable your importers to be sure that the document is genuine and that it has been thoroughly checked to internationally accepted standards, before being certified.


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