e-z Cert Secure Certificates of Origin

Another good reasons for using e-z Cert to apply for certified Certificates of Origin.  With effect from 1st August, Certificates of Origin produced on e-z Cert can have a QR code printed on them.    This code can be scanned by any mobile phone with a bar code scanner and give details of the shipment and the issuing body, providing additional security for the document.

EC Certificates of Origin, Arab Certificate of Origin, EUR1 and A.TR.

The e-z Cert service is offered by Chambers of Commerce throughout the UK and provides a fast and efficient way to apply for your certified documents,

e-z Cert can be used as a simple manual entry system and the copy application function minimises the amount of data keying you need to do. But don’t forget that if you need a lot of certified documents you can send a file of data from another system to e-z Cert in order to manage your applications without re-keying data you have already created in your order processing, or export documentation system.

If you are an e-z Consign,  GTA Online or GTA Net user, then you can simply click on the “Send to e-z Cert” button to send data to your existing e-z Cert account and manage your applications in the normal way.

If you are not yet using e-z Cert then you can find out about using e-z Cert or go to the e-z Cert web site to register online and start using today.


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