Managing your exports online

You really can manage all your export shipments online and only need to key the data once. Working online also gives you the flexibility to manage each shipment individually so the requirements of each of your customers can be set up for future use.

So is it just Export Documents?

Creating data for export documents is just the start.   You create a shipment, consignee, freight forwarder, products, commodity codes, weights, dimensions etc, and all of this can be stored and is easily accessed to create your next shipment.  If any of this information is already in your business system then you can send it to the GTA Online platform, and just finalise the shipment with stored data.

You can now print UN/SITPRO documents or you can email them to your customer or freight forwarder.

What else can I do with this data?

Which of the following do you need when shipping your Goods?
Certified Documents – do you need to get Certificates of Origin certified by your Chamber of Commerce?
Hazardous Goods – do your products contain hazardous substances?  If so you will need to produce a Dangerous Goods Note
Duty Suspension Are you shipping alcohol, fuels or tobacco products which need to travel in duty suspension within the EU?  If so you must enter them on EMCS
Customs ClearanceNES is the HMRC system for clearing goods directly from the UK.   If your goods are leaving the EU via another country you will need to print an EAD to travel with your goods to their point of exit from the EU.
Customer Access  – would you like your customers to collect their documents when they are ready?

Whether you are a large or small exporter, there can be significant benefits from managing some or all of these services yourself.  And if you need to cover for staff during illness or holidays, the information they need is easily shared and accessed by any authorised user.

Our range of online services is designed to provide all the tools to make it easy for you to manage your exports, so why not check out which one is right for you.

GTA Online or  GTA Net
e-z Consign
e-z Cert
EMCS Online.


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