Still re-keying data to produce your Export Documents?

It really can’t be that difficult to produce the documents needed for your exports, can it?  After all, you already produce the documents you need for your domestic trade, invoice, maybe a packing list and a delivery note.

Why are export documents any different?

Maybe just one or two additional pieces of information, the weight and dimensions, or the type of packing, or a tariff number – and that is where the problem starts.   How do you add those extra bits of information?   For many exporters the easiest way to add this extra information is to create Word or Excel templates and to re-key the documents…..  from scratch……… just for export.

Now, is that one template or is it one for the Export Invoice, another for the Packing List, maybe a third one for an Advice of Shipment, and do you need a Standard Shipping Note or a Dangerous Goods Note?   That sounds like a least four templates, and there are probably some more yet.  And do you need certified documents?  Is that another template, or are you using e-z Cert to apply for certified documents online?

What about Customs Clearance?

So your shipment is ready to go, the documents are prepared, the Certificate of Origin is ready, but you need to get customs clearance before you can ship the goods, because this consignment is going to a destination outside the EU.  Maybe you get your carrier to do it for you.  You will need to send them all the information about your goods so that they can apply on your behalf, but maybe there is enough information on one of the documents you prepared using your templates.

There is another way.

If you recognise the above scenario and want to simplify your export administration, take a look at the 4-exim web site.    If you are an occasional exporter, then our e-z products provide a simple option for you, just register online, setup your company’s private workspace (your account) and start creating export documents.

If you do regular shipments and would like to use the data already in your business system, then our GTA products will provide you with a lot more integration and automation for export documents and sending data to Customs and other services.

And why does this make it easier?   Key the data once, use it many times!


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