Ten highlights of 2013

The past 12 months have seen a number of developments in our products and services which we believe make it easier for you to manage your exports and ensure they reach their destination.

  1.  QR codes on Certificates of Origin produced in e-z Cert and a certificate checker online, so that the validity of these documents can be checked from anywhere in the      world.  We thought this would take a while, but the day we switched it on a fraudulent document was detected.
  2. NES submissions from e-z Consign so that you can now use the same data you created for your export documents, to clear your goods with HMRC.  If you are a freight forwarder offering NES clearance to your customers, you have another option for simplifying this service.
  3. Save data in our FREE DGN online tool.  You can now save the data for next time using this online tool.  This has proved very popular and you can, at any time, add other documents to your shipment by purchasing online credits.
  4. Bills of Lading added to e-z Consign.    This was another request from freight forwarders which we have added as part of the sets of documents which can be produced using e-z Consign.
  5. Attending the International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) Congress in Qatar where Acorn Interactive, which uses our e-z Consign service to manage Letters of Credit and produce export documents, won the Best International Project.
  6. We have become members of BIFA and the AFSS, and our Microsoft Partner status has been upgraded to Silver Independent Software Vendor.  These connections are important to us to ensure that we understand the world in which our customers work.
  7. Our Blog site now has a comprehensive database of information about export documents and customs service to help you understand the basics of export administration.  We have tried to take out the jargon and the complexity to help you understand how you can manage your exports.
  8. You can now Chat to us on all of our web sites to ask our helpdesk team a question or request assistance.
  9. We are on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/i2iltd  so you can now check out what is going here with our products and our staff.  We would love to hear from you on Facebook.
  10. We are tweeting as well.  Our helpdesk and consultants have been using Twitter for some time and we now have another twitter account.  Choose who to follow from @i2iconsultant, @i2ihelpdesk , @4exim and @ECWtweeter

And what is new in 2014?

We have lots of new stuff planned for 2014, and don’t forget:

1. EU Intrastat Reports – Arrivals: From 1st January 2014 the assimilation threshold for submitting Intrastat Reports to UK Customs on EU Arrivals will increase from £600,000 pa to £1.2 million – so removing about 4,000 businesses from the requirement to submit arrival Intrastat reports.

2. Whether you are an exporter, freight forwarder or other service provider, using our online products can enable you to work more efficiently and offer improved customer service and visibility to your clients.  Why not check out our 4-EXIM web site in the new year and find out how we can help you.

Export administration tools, export documents, Customs clearance, Certificates of Origin.


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