Intrastat Reporting – whats new in 2014?

Intrastat is the method used to collect information about the movement of goods between Member States of the European Union (EU), for statistical purposes.

Which Countries are EU Member States for Intrastat?
At the beginning of 2014 this applies to 28 countries which are:  Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Irish Republic, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

Potential candidates are Iceland, Turkey (who opened accession talks in 2005) and Macedonia. Future candidate countries are Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Armenia and Moldova.

Intrastat Threshholds
If your trade with the 28 member states is under the annual thresholds then you can simply report your EU trade on your VAT Return (boxes 8 and/or box 9).
The Dispatches Threshold for 2014 remains the same as in 2013 but Arrivals has increased:
£250,000 for Dispatches
£1,200,000 for Arrivals
This change is for Intrastat only, and is expected to remove in the region of 4,000 traders from the need to make Intrastat SD returns. 
This does not change in any way UK VAT return or EC Sales List obligations.

Intrastat Regulations
Once your trade in the EU exceeds these thresholds you must complete a Supplementary Declaration (SD) and submit it electronically to HMRC by the 21st of the following month.  You must do this from the month in which you exceed either or both of these thresholds.  You can either key  the data into the HMRC website or send it from your own software systems.  Data to be submitted is:

  • Commodity Code (8 digit description of the goods)
  • Value of the goods
  • Quantity (number of items)
  • Net Mass (weight of the goods including immediate packaging)

Notice 60 is the full Intrastat Guide and can be found on the HMRC web site.

Records must be kept for 6 years

If your business trades in goods in the EU above the annual Intrastat threshold, and is submitting SD returns, you must keep your records for 6 years.  These can be kept on a computer, and they must be kept at your place of business.  You must:

  • submit accurate SDs, on time
  • keep a copy of every SD you make or which is made on your behalf
  • keep copies of all papers and documents which you have used to complete your SDs
  • present any of the above records to an officer of HMRC when asked to do so

If you use GTA to manage your export shipments and produce export documents, then you can use our Intrastat reporting module to submit your SD returns without needing to re-key the data.  Find out more on our web site.


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