Bills of Lading, Air Waybills and MUCRs

These are crucial to the progress of your export shipment, and to ensure you have control of your goods once they leave the UK.  The names are similar but there are some important differences, the major difference being that the Air Waybill is not a document of title.

The Bill of Lading is used for goods traveling by road or sea.
This is a document of title conferring ownership of your goods, to the consignee on the document, and is generally issued by the carrier as a receipt, once your goods have been loaded onto the vessel.  The Bill of Lading can be used as proof of shipment for customs and insurance purposes, and also as commercial proof of completing your contractual obligation.  The consignee can obtain possession of the goods after arrival by presenting a signed original bill of lading to the carrier.

Since the Bill of Lading is a document of title, it can be traded in the same way that goods can.  A Bill of lading consigned “to order” or “to order of shipper” is negotiable once it has been endorsed on the back by the shipper or their representative.

The Air Waybill is used for goods travelling by air.
It is a document of proof of receipt issued by the air carrier on receipt of goods for despatch, and covers the terms and conditions under which the goods will travel.  It does not specify which flight the goods will travel on and is non-negotiable.

How e-z Consign helps Freight Forwarders and Agents to manage these important documents.

e-z Consign allows you to create export documents, obtain certified documents, and apply for customs clearance, all online.  As a forwarder or agent your requirements may vary from an exporter, so we have additional documents for you to use.

Bill of Lading Instructions can be used by forwarders/agents to provide instructions to the carrier with information required to enable them to complete the Bill of Lading. 

House Bill of Lading   A freight forwarder offering a consolidation service, will issue its own Bill of Lading.  This is known as the House Bill of Lading.

Customs Clearance – NES
Whilst e-z Consign can be used by exporters to create their export documents, it is also being used by Freight Forwarders and Agents to produce transport documents, and arrange customs clearance for the part of the export supply chain for which they are responsible.

Clearing goods through CHIEF is easy with e-z Consign, and if you need to create a MUCR (Master UCR) for your deep sea shipments, to associate or link several DUCRs (Declaration UCR), for example when a number of consignments from different exporters, each of whom has a DUCR, are consolidated into a single container, then e-z Consign can manage this for you.    The MUCR must be ‘closed’ before it can be processed properly, to confirm that no more DUCRs are to be added, and an arrival message sent to CHIEF advises customs that each of the UCRs within the container are associated to the single MUCR.

Shipping goods by Air freight

Air Waybill is the most important document issued by a carrier either directly or through its authorised agent. It is a non-negotiable transport document which covers transport of cargo from airport to airport. By accepting a shipment an IATA cargo agent is acting on behalf of the carrier whose air waybill is issued.

MUCR (Master UCR) All good transported by air must be associate with a MUCR (Master UCR).

Since you can manage all of this online, you can start sharing information with your customers and provide even better customer service.  You could share an online account with your export customer, enabling them to input the initial data into their shipments, and allow you to manage the transport part.  How you share is down to you!

To find out more about using e-z Consign to manage your customers export shipments, go to our 4-Exim portal.  You can set up an online account and try out e-z Consign, and if it works for you then just purchase some credits from our Online Shop and start managing your shipments online.


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