Customs Management

Getting your customs information right is one of the most important parts of exporting your goods.  The exporter is always responsible for the accuracy of information provided to Customs, even if a carrier or freight forwarder makes the declarations on your behalf.    So who will look after this while you are on holiday?

NES Customs Clearance for worldwide shipments
Applies to all your shipments with destinations outside the EU.

ECS – for EU shipments
Direct and Indirect shipments, if your goods exit the EU via another EU country you will need to use the ECS system.

EMCS – for goods shipped in Duty Suspension
If you are shipping beer or cider, wines and spirits, petroleum products or cigarettes, from one warehouse to another, in the UK and the rest of Europe, you can ship them in duty suspension but this must be managed on the EMCS system.

Using a centralised system to manage your exports, which can store and manage the important information about your products, which will be needed for customs clearance, such as tariff codes and procedure codes, will make your colleagues job much easier while you are on holiday.

Why not manage your own Customs clearance and ensure that the information is correct all year round.  Check out our systems on 4-EXIM to find out how we can provide and online service to suit your business.


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