More exports, more export admin

The Government target to double exports to £1 trillion by 2020, would require the number of UK exporters to increase by 10% per annum over the next six years.  Or existing exporters will need to significantly increase their exports.  This is also the target date for HMRC to create a “paperless/electronic environment” for international trade.

That will be a lot more export shipments and a lot more export administration, and that is where our e-z exporting products can help you and connect you in an electronic world

Whether you ship container loads, or individual packages, we can provide the right tools to enable you to manage your export shipments, create and distribute export documents and obtain customs clearance for your shipments.

Dangerous Goods Notes, Standard Shipping Notes, Export Invoices, whatever documents you need you can create and distribute these online.

If you ship 1 shipment per month or 300 shipments, we have a product which will suit your business.  Check our range of products on our 4-exim website or find our more about our integrated enterprise systems to find out which is the right solution for you.



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