Where can you find 40 years experience in export admin?

Joy Sullivan at North East Chamber of Commerce has just celebrated 40 years at the Chamber.

Joy began working for NECC in August 1973, coming straight from school into the then Newcastle Chamber of Commerce office in St Nicholas Buildings.   Instructed in the provision of a range of services, Joy eventually moved to 65 Quayside, where she’d remained for 30 years, working with thousands of companies on over 500,000 export shipments to literally every country in the world, worth tens of billions to the regional economy.  A remarkable career to date, Joy has mentored countless members of the (now) NECC’s international team, and has a breadth of knowledge to rival any in the country.

One of Joy’s more recent successes has been around the reduction of labour required by North East companies in obtaining certified documents, required for customs clearance into emerging markets.

In 2002, Joy led a project, in which over 400 exporters were trained in the use of a brand new electronic platform, e-z Cert, removing the need for repetitive data entry, and reducing turnaround times from days to hours.

A conservative estimate puts this efficiency saving at over 3,000 hours per year for NE exporters, effectively reducing the costs associated with exporting.   This is far beyond the average penetration rate in other UK regions, and is due in no small part to Joy’s early recognition of the benefits, and her determination to ensure the region capitalised fully.

Her clients have included the Krankies, the Sultan of Brunei and the BBC, to name just a handful.   As regional agent for the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce since its formation in the 70’s, Joy’s knowledge in export documentation is unsurpassed in the UK, and utilised by hundreds of companies each year, many of whom insist on her personal help in guiding them through the complexities attached to exporting.

Congratulations Joy from all of us at i2i Infinity.

The e-z Cert service is offered by Chambers of Commerce throughout the UK and you can find out more on the e-z Cert World web site.


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