Do you have problems obtaining Proof of Export?

Proof of export must be obtained for non-EU exports and must clearly show that a transaction has taken place AND that the goods have left the EU.

  • For VAT purposes commercial documents are sufficient.
  • For goods subject to an Export Licence or which are the subject of a special customs procedure, you will need official proof of export, which may be documents such as the C88/SAD, EAD, EX1 or NES .

When a haulier manages Customs clearance for your export shipments, it is often difficult to obtain proof of shipment.  Chasing the haulier for this can waste your valuable time, but your business is at risk if you don’t have it when VAT has not been charged on intra-EU supplies and exports to third countries.

One way to ensure you have this evidence is to manage Customs clearance yourself, and if that sounds like taking up even more of your valuable time, well just think about it.  If you are creating the data for your export documents, then it is only one small step to send the data in the required format, to UK Customs.  And when you receive the response back from Customs then you have the proof of evidence information you need.

Our e-z GTA and e-z Consign products both provide you with easy to use systems allowing you to mange export shipments individually, creating the data and managing the regulations for each individual shipment.  Once you have the information for the documents, then each shipment to which Customs clearance applies, is displayed in a separate Customs management list and you simply send the data electronically to Customs and receive the replies.

Customs Import / Export ManagementNES Screen

Now you are in control of your exports, you know the information is correct, and you have the proof of export you need.

Which of our services you use will depend on how automated you want your systems to be.

1.   e-z Consign is an easy to set up, manual entry system allowing you to manage export documents and customs clearance online.  You can trial this today and if you like it start using it immediately.  If you already use e-z Cert, then you can create an e-z Consign account from your e-z Cert home page.

2.  For full automation, our e-z GTA interfaces with the system you use to process your export orders, importing a file of data to create the basic shipment, and allowing you to add export specific data.

Both e-z Consign and e-z GTA manage your NES Customs clearance without re-keying any data.

Check out our 4-Exim website and see which system is right for you. 


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