e-z GTA makes Customs Management Easier

If you are using GTA to produce your export documents, then managing your own NES (National Export System) customs clearance procedures can save you both a time and money, and ensure that you have the transport documents you need, when you need them. Your GTA system is probably integrated with your business system to eliminate the need to re-key basic commercial information, so integrating NES is the next logical step.

ez_181GTA is now part of our e-z family of products which gives you certainty that integrated export administration is easier for you. 

How does e-z GTA Manage your NES Customs Clearance?

e-z GTA manages all the data required for each individual shipment which you despatch, with the basic principle that you should be able to key data once and re-use many times during the lifecycle of your export shipment.

When you are happy that the data for your shipment is complete, you simply send a submission to customs from e-z GTA for that shipment.  In minutes, your e-z GTA system will receive a message back from CHIEF, the customs system, which will either confirm your shipment can be despatched, or will request more information.   Once accepted all that remains to be done is to print the accompanying document, and your goods can be sent on their way.

In e-z GTA you can view a list of all submissions made, and their current status, so that you can easily see what is ready to go and what needs further attention from you.  If relevant, an error report will be attached to that shipment record advising you what information needs correction before re-submission.

NES Screen

If you are using a freight forwarder to make your NES submissions, you can save money by managing these yourself.   It is likely that you are paying in the region of £30 for each submission made by your forwarder, whereas it would cost a fraction of that amount to manage your own submissions.  And more importantly, you have control over the information you need to comply with customs regulations.


You can find out more e-z GTA customs management to help you manage your export administration on our website or contact sales@i2i-infinity.co.uk


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