Mis-typing is the most common cause of errors on NES submissions

From 1st May 2016 all communications, between customs and economic operators will have to be made electronically.

According to HMRC there are still 310 importers and exporters in the UK who submit C88 paper declarations to clear their non-EU shipments. This represents 40,000 shipments each year which are manually keyed into the system by HMRC staff. Inevitably this involves manual interventions and correspondence with operators to correct errors, obtain missing information and collect payment, all of which results in delays for businesses in the release of the goods from customs control.

HMRC have identified that mis-keying of information is one of the main causes of errors when making NES submissions.

nesIf you make your own NES submissions, or are a freight forwarder managing customs clearance for your customers, you can prepare and submit data from e-z Consign eliminating the need to key data into the HMRC website.

e-z Consign NES Makes Customs Clearance Easy

  • Your NES data is displayed in a screen form based on the C88 document, a layout with which you will be familiar.
  • e-z Consign can store your customer data so you can copy and edit a previous submission, or create a new one from stored data, to create a new NES submission.
  • You can complete these in e-z Consign and then submit to CHIEF without re-keying any data.
  •  All your NES submission are displayed in one list, so you can copy and/or edit saved submission before sending to CHIEF.
  • Return messages from CHIEF will be read into the e-z Consign submission and statuses displayed on your list of submissions enable you to easily see and manage these.
  • e-z Consign can print and EAD document to travel with the goods.


As your export increase, you can at any time add SITPRO export documents or other services such as EMCS and CFSP.


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