EMCS all customer system updated on time

EMCS FS3.2 is the latest update to the EMCS service and today, 11th February, was a “hard cutover” by HMRC.

What does this mean?

For our customers it meant that they did not need to worry about changes to their submissions to Customs, they could just get on with shipping their products.

At i2i it meant that our support team here had to upgrade all our systems, both online and installed at customer premises to ensure that they would continue to work after the cutover, and this was achieved with minimum disruption to our customers.

EMCS sscrren shot

Managing and viewing the status of your EMCS submissions.

The EMCS module provides management of declarations to HMRC for the movement of excise goods from UK customs warehouses.

FS3.2 is the latest update to EMCS, as dictated by the European Commission and HMRC, to handle the following changes:
• a new field captures the Economic Operator Registration and Identification number (EORI). This is an optional field relevant to export declarations of duty suspended excise products being consigned outside of the European Union.
• complimentary information fields will no longer be completed where a reason code has been selected
• any completed numerical fields must contain a value that is greater than zero (eg quantity of goods, net weight, gross weight)
• for consignments of alcohol, the alcoholic strength cannot exceed 100%
• it will no longer be possible to submit an IE871 explanation of shortage or excess message after an IE818 report of receipt has been processed
• HMRC will be able to attach notified .PDFs or .JPGs to the IE840 event report. These attachments will then be made available for download by either the consignor and consignee.

Just another example of the i2i team giving first class service to our customers.


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