It’s here – e-z Cert V.7

We are celebrating something special this year, and here is a gift to you!

This week we are releasing e-z Cert V.7 and our whole team has been working hard to give you the best product whilst keeping the familiarity of e-z Cert and all of its great features.   

Untitled2e-z Cert is in it’s 16th year and has led the way in enabling exporters to work online to speed up your business processes and get your exports moving.    Still leading the way, the purpose of the e-z V.7 project has been to give you the best of the latest technologies and make the application process easier and quicker.

With fewer screens to navigate and some of the features you have become used to when working online, such as a progress bar, easier signature management, and a checkout to review the order, creating your documents really will be easier and quicker. 

We’ve also upgraded our hosted server environment which means, combined with the latest technology, we’re ensuring e-z Cert is here to serve you for another 16 years.

A big thank you to the UK Chambers of Commerce who have provided feedback on the trial system, to ensure that it works for you, their customers.  We appreciate your support.  

We will deliver V7 to our production environment on Thursday, 31st March at which point it will be live for all customers and as always our support team will be here, bright and early, to give support you all. 

Here are some examples of what it will look like. 

Watch out for “The Power of 30”


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