Ask Our Helpdesk – What is the cost of certified documents?

Q1.  I require a quote on how much it will cost us to get an invoice approved by BCC. (Just invoice only) and need to know how your online request system will work.

A.   As we are the software providers of e-z Cert costs for the service are not provided by us.  The actual service of issuing certified documents is provided by the Chamber of Commerce, who will also be the body with whom you agree a formal undertaking and to whom you will make payment for the service provided.

I initially suggest that you check out the Chamber Directory to establish your local Chamber of Commerce, and then make contact with them directly.  Once you are happy that they can provide the service you require (i.e. not all chambers accept credit card payments), then you can register for an account to apply for certificates with them at

On e-z Cert you can complete Invoices, Certificates of Origin and/or upload your own documentation for stamp approval by the chamber.  These documents can be submitted online and either returned from the chamber electronically for you to print in your workplace or via the post.  With e-z Cert you have the ability for your invoice to be stamped on as the original or as a copy of the original, as per the options below:

e-zCert screenshot

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