We are 30 – help us Celebrate!

Founded in 1986, we have been supporting exporters for 30 years!


Our goal was to provide integrated, automated and easy to use export documentation systems for exporters.

We were the first company to automate export documents using PC and desktop laser printer.

What did that mean in 1986? 

  • Integration meant transferring data from a sales order processing system to a PC using a 5-1/4 inch floppy disc.
  • Automation meant no more tipex to correct data, the spirit duplicator (the old Banda machine) became redundant and the Gestetner was no longer required to produce stencils for export documents.  Data could be corrected on a computer and a set of export documents took hours instead of days to produce.

    banda machine

    Banda spirit duplicator

  • Easy to use meant teaching staff in the export shipping department how to switch on and boot up a computer.  Most users were totally unfamiliar with PCs and home computing was in its infancy. So to support our customers we provided a support service and dedicated helpline, which has always been regarded as the best in the industry.

So what has changed?

Pretty much everything except that we are still supporting exporters and our goal is still to provide integrated, automated and easy to use systems which now manage Customs Services as well as export documents.

We produced the first software-as-a-service export documentation systems for exporters.

As the new century arrived, in 2000 in partnership with the British Chambers of Commerce, we went live with e-Cert.  It was now possible to apply for an EC Certificate of Origin online.  It took several years for the this new way of working to be embraced by exporters, but today e-z Cert V7 provides a state of the art system producing a range of documents certified by Chambers of Commerce throughout the UK and is the system of choice for getting same day certified documents from your Chamber.

It was only natural that our integrated export documentation system should go online too, so in 2002 our first customer subscribed to GTA Online, our fully integrated online service.  It offered all the automation benefits from integrating with the ERP system, without the initial cost outlay or the need to support complicated software in house.

We produced the first pay-as-you-go system for export documents and Customs Clearance.

By 2010 most of us are using the internet on a daily basis and Customs clearance has moved online, so why should it be only major exporters who benefited from online efficiency?  e-Z Consign was a natural progression from both GTA and e-z Cert and so we developed a simple manual entry, pay-as-you-go system for lower volume exporters who just want to be able to work online, use the right documents and manage their Customs Clearance, easily and quickly and be sure they comply with regulations.

So today we have our three main products, all up to date using the latest technology and making it easy for you, just as we always have, and our “best in the business” implementation and support services are still here to
upport you.

It has been an extraordinary adventure and I have enjoyed every minute of it!  Thank you to all our customers old and new, who have travelled this journey with us and we look forward to supporting you for the next 30 years.  Look out for our “Help us Celebrate” special offers to you during the next 12 months.

Penny2 2014 5


Penny Underwood
Founder Director


About Penny

Passionate about Life!
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One Response to We are 30 – help us Celebrate!

  1. Lesley Lewis says:

    Congratulations to you all – keep up the good work too. Obviously the Canadian Chamber of Commerce were impressed too to sign up to using your system…
    Lesley, South Wales Chamber of Commerce

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