Welcome to the 4-EXIM Blog

4-EXIM is a UK based web site where you can find the tools you need to manage the movement of your export shipments online.  Whatever your goods, wherever you are shipping them, and whichever payment method you are using, we can provide you with access to the tools you need.

Just create a “shipment” on our online platforms by adding all the data needed for a single movement of goods.  You can then use this data for:

  • Export documents which you can print, email or allow customers to collect online.
  • Apply for certified Certificates of Origin, EUR1 or A.TR documents from your Chamber of Commerce.
  • Send a message to the NES Customs Clearance system to get permission to ship your goods from the UK.
  • Send a message to EMCS the EU system for moving excise goods in duty suspension throughout the European Community.

This 4-EXIM blog is an extra resource you can use where we provide information about the services and documents you use, and keep you up to date on the new services which are becoming available through the 4-EXIM web site.    You can find the 4-EXIM web site at www.4-exim.com

4-EXIM is created and managed by i2i Infinity Ltd based in Shepton Mallet, Somerset.    We have over 30 years experience of providing export documentation systems for UK exporters.  To find out more about i2i go to www.i2i-infinity.co.uk


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